WordPress or a Static Website?

around laptopWhy do small businesses and entrepreneurs need a website or a blog?

What is the difference between a website and a blog?
While we’ve actually come a long way with websites, one usually has to have rather expensive software or learn html code to build and maintain a website. It takes much more knowledge and technical skill. It’s a tedious process to take the skeleton or template of a page and customize it for a specific page of content, to update the navigational subsystem to ensure that the new page is known, and to maintain now-necessary features like a sitemap. There are many more steps to ‘connect the dots’ so to speak.  The biggest problem is that it’s not easy for someone without the technical skills to maintain, edit, or and post new content regularly.

With so many choices, why is a WordPress blog the best choice?
There are many different blogging platforms to choose from, and here’s why I (and most other bloggers) prefer WordPress…

First and foremost, WordPress is easily the most user-friendly and functional blogging platform for the somewhat skilled do it yourself-er! And even if you prefer to pay someone to do the basic set up and design the functionality of your blog, it’s the easiest to learn in terms of then posting your own articles, videos and content to keep it fresh and current!

Because WP is the platform of choice, there are thousands, if not millions, of themes, plugins and widgets that have been created by designers — the majority of which are absolutely free — so it’s also the most economical way to get started with your own personally branded blog.

This gives you all kinds of options for not only how your site appears to visitors, but also for how you can interact with your visitors and how they can interact with you and share your content to create an entertaining and enjoyable experience — and build relationships.

Here are 5 key features that make WP the top choice in my opinion…

worksmart1 – The Plugin Functionality –
WordPress has a seemingly endless supply of plugins that can be downloaded, installed and utilized for absolutely free. The installation of these plugins is easy, and involves uploading the plugin to your blog space and simply activating it through the admin section in your WordPress site. Whatever you end up needing in terms of functionality, there is more than likely a number of plugins that can be downloaded and installed to improve the capability of your blog.

2 – The Theme Functionality –
Most people are going to be interested in customizing their blogs. There are literally thousands of completely unique themes out there, offering one column, two columns or three columns, graphics, color combinations and a variety of other details which allow for complete customization of your blog to suit your needs, the theme of your blog and the needs of your readers.

3 – Auto Ping Functionality –
Many scripts may offer this particular possibility, but many free blog hosts do not offer auto ping, meaning that you are going to need to ping yourself after every single post that you make. On the other hand, WordPress can do the pinging for you, which makes your life significantly easier and saves you a lot of time in the process.

4 – The Trackback –
The trackback feature is an important one if you want to know who is reading and responding to your blog, and if you want to be open about who you are reading and talking about in your blog. If you link to a post in another blog using WordPress, WordPress will automatically make a comment in the post that was linked to in order to facilitate communication between the two different blogs.

5 – The Overall Feeling of Simplicity –
WordPress is an extremely user friendly blogging platform. By using cpanel, you can install WordPress in a single click in most circumstances. After the WordPress blog is installed, you are pretty much ready to get going, provided that you do not want to do any tinkering beforehand with stats, themes and other details. You do not have to know anything at all about computers in order to set up a WordPress blog. When it is installed and ready to go, you simply have to log in to your WordPress panel, which is also extremely easy for you to use in most circumstances.


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  1. Having had a static website and a WordPress site, I can say WordPress is the winner by far. The functionality is superb, I’d never move back now.

    • Claire, I completely agree with you. I used to do all my websites customly (static) with PHP / HTML / CSS / JS. It takes a lot of time and effort, and there’s always a lot of maintenance to do afterwards. After switching all my sites to WordPress, it’s been a real breeze maintaining my websites and ensuring they have the latest scripts / plugins. It’s also easier to properly optimize your website for SEO when using WordPress thanks to the many powerful SEO plugins you get.
      Gerhard recently posted..How To Get Free Website Traffic With These 3 Proven StrategiesMy Profile

  2. Singapore SEO Consultants from Singapore SEO, SEO says:

    Very good post. Agree WordPress very hard to beat these days! Thanks.

  3. Both have the pro and cons if you have a small amount of money you can choose WordPress site or If you have more money for customization you can choose Static site (Development cost is high). But I prefer WordPress more that static site because it needs 20 minutes to build full site. Therefore, I like Static site over WordPress.

  4. This is a great comparison. But I think even if you are building a static website, WordPress is the best way to build it. As WP makes the management very simple.
    Santanu recently posted..60% Off SEO Powersuite Discount Coupon 2016 is BackMy Profile

  5. No doubt WordPress is the best CMS we ever had,no comparison with the ease of functionalities and installation.
    Thanks for sharing this article and this is my personal opinion that WordPress is more user-friendly than any other CMS ever known to the web.
    Sarah recently posted..JD Miami – Free Joomla 3.5 TemplateMy Profile

  6. Of course wordpress. You have limited changes on static website. But wordpress offers tons on plugins and themes for free. You can do what you want. On seo wordpress is the best option.

  7. Absolutely, WordPress is the best platform for start a blog. With lot of features,it’s just a awesome place for blogging.
    Thanks for sharing such nice write up.

  8. Hi Cindi,

    WordPress is the powerful CMS platform to choose rather than depending on static websites which need programming skills to design every part of our website, I am using WordPress since two years.

    Yes, we can implement anything on our website with the help of widgets, plugins, page builders through WordPress whereas it is not possible with static websites, thanks for sharing such a valuable information related to WordPress, see you soon.
    Siddaiah Thirupati recently posted..Thrive Themes Content Builder Review 2016 The Best 3 In 1 PluginMy Profile

  9. Well said.
    we can use wordpress as a blog, website, e-commerce and customized portals.


  10. Of course WordPress. You have narrow changes on the static website. although WordPress offers the ton on plugins and themes for free. y’all can do what you want. On seo WordPress is the best option.
    Mansoor Bhanpurawala recently posted..UpdraftPlus – Backup your WordPress siteMy Profile

  11. Absolutely, WordPress is the best platform for start a blog. With lot of features,it’s just a awesome place for blogging. Thank you very much to give me a opportunity to linking up in your site.
    atrise12 recently posted..About MeMy Profile

  12. I think if you are a developer you should go to your own code for dynamic website not word press 😀

    Thanks for the post, i appreciate it 🙂

  13. Hi Cindi,

    I have a good experience with both of the static and WordPress. Both have some pros and cons. But WordPress is the best solution for any people. Because you don’t need to use the single line of code on your site. But in the Static site, you should need to learn a lot of coding things.

    Robert Colon recently posted..Web Hosting Guide For Beginners – Complete TutorialsMy Profile

  14. Your article is really helpful. I am working on a new website and I am relatively new into word press and website development.

    I tried using the word press seo it did provide me some great features but on the other had created and issue with my blog page.

    I am using Words press SEO it’s really very great plugin even in Free version.

    If you are using WordPress SEO then there is no need to use Google XML sitemap.Nice article… it really helps me to drive my blog traffic .. I am a new one in blogging… I am a regular visitor of your blog…

    thanks for sharing …

  15. Great post. Thanks for sharing this information.

  16. WordPress is the best to add content, pages, managing also from SEO point of view. Just use wordpress for best result.

  17. Hands down wordpress have always been my first choice over any other language based static website, the easiness it provides to a person who has zero knowledge of coding is simply superb.

    I will always recommend wordpress to the one who is in need and who wants to build their online presence fast and easily.

    Thanks for your blog post, it was really informative!

  18. Why bother developing a website while WordPress provides you almost everything you need at very low cost? I have like tens of websites and blogs using WordPress, so far I never have any very bad experience (sometimes have but not serious) with it. I recommend those who start blogging using WordPress as you can spend most of your team building great contents.
    Reaseyh recently posted..Top 10 Hair Straighteners in 2017My Profile

  19. I agree that WordPress is the best, but since it is very full-featured, there is a bit of a learning curve. So new users, don’t expect to fall off a log and have a perfect website. It will take some work! But that work will be well worth it 🙂

  20. This is a great comparison. But I think even if you are building a static website, WordPress is the best way to build it. As WP makes the management very simple.thanks for sharing

  21. Absolutely, WordPress is the best forum for starting a blog, with lots of features, for blogging this is just a great place thanks to sharing with all the people

  22. Outstanding Post, couldn’t agree more. WordPress is also my Personal Favorite and I especially enjoy the use of Plugins. A simple SEO Plugin will make a world of difference to your site recognition and actually Ranking in Google. Simple Keyword Research and Placement is the Key.

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