32 Ways To Use YouTube For Your Business

Here are 32 ways to use YouTube for your business! Marketing and Advertising 1. Set up a channel to reflect your brand and connect with others.2. Show your product in action using a movie trailer style that’s catchy. 3. Choose a user name for your channel URL that reflects your brand.4. Create a video explaining […]

Social Media Marketing Series: YouTube

Social media is an excellent way to have a conversation with your market audience, make connections, and mange those connections with customers, prospects, bloggers, etc. This post will focus on YouTube and how to use the power of video to market your business… Using YouTube for Marketing Your Business   You Tube isn’t just a […]

Tip To Increase Your YouTube Page Rank

Here’s a cool tip that will help increase the page rank of your YouTube channel! Normally, you would link to your YouTube channel in this manner (this is my channel):  http://youtube.com/cindihoutz (cindihoutz is my ‘channel name’). This is the url address most people would post as that’s what YouTube tells you to use. So… why […]

Video Marketing Is The New TV

Now television isn’t the only way to deliver video marketing. Sites such as YouTube and Squidoo make it possible for amateur videographers to post their work, but it also enables businesses to use video to provide more information about their products and services in a shorter amount of time than any other advertising medium. With […]

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