WordPress User Types: Roles And Capabilities

There are five different levels of users WordPress allows and each allow different administrative capabilities and publishing rights. From highest level of administrative access to lowest, they are: Administrator Editor Author Contributor Subscriber Here’s a quick description of each of these user types and their administrative access abilities. Administrator This is the highest level of […]

Why You Should Have a Website or a Blog

If you have a business, you should have a website or blog. Here are just 5 of the top reasons why… “Just Google It”. More than ever before, people are turning away from traditional means of finding information, like the yellow pages, and looking online.  People are going to look for you online and your […]

6 Reasons To Grow Your Business With Social Media

This is from Hubspot… enjoy and share! Social media and blogs are a key part to any inbound marketing strategy. Here are 6 ways they help grow your business: 1.     Quick to Start. You could launch a Facebook page today or get a blog going in a few days. 2.     Low Cost. You can get […]

Social Media Tip: Connect Twitter with Facebook

Why would you want to do this? It saves time if you are posting the same messages in both places frequently!!! You can post Tweets on your Facebook News Feed or Page (optional). To connect Twitter with Facebook, simply log into your Facebook account and in the search bar, type “Twitter App”… then follow the […]

Three Steps to Your Ultimate Marketing Message

Have you created a core marketing message to use throughout all of your marketing efforts? I’m not talking about some catchy slogan or play on words using the name of your business or the service you provide. It’s not some meaningless phrase like “we do it right” or “quality service you can trust.” Anybody in […]

Tip To Increase Your YouTube Page Rank

Here’s a cool tip that will help increase the page rank of your YouTube channel! Normally, you would link to your YouTube channel in this manner (this is my channel):  http://youtube.com/cindihoutz (cindihoutz is my ‘channel name’). This is the url address most people would post as that’s what YouTube tells you to use. So… why […]

3 Areas of Focus To Create Success With Internet Marketing

When it comes to achieving success with Internet Marketing, it can be daunting to think about all the aspects that go into the planning of a business, specific project or campaign to assure success.  There are so many factors that can impact the level of success you’ll have and it’s imperative that you focus on […]

10 Ways To Make More Money In Network Marketing

Network Marketing is an excellent way for the “average Joe or Jane” to make an extra income.  This business concept has been around for decades, and it will not disappear any time soon. The reason for its popularity is simple… It Works!  It does however, require lots of work and most importantly, dedication and persistence […]

How To Create A Favicon

This is a cool tip I read about (and watched) on BetterNetworker.com.  It’s from http://www.TheRobinAndJudyShow.com — a website full of great tips for home business owners. Check it out! Here’s a link to the article: http://www.robinandjudy.com/creating-your-favicon.html

Forum Marketing Requires a Soft Touch

You can build your business through forum marketing, but this is a more indirect form of online marketing since most forums are regarded as “sanctuaries” where people can share information and make friends without being bombarded with sales pitches. Barging into a forum and posting whatever you are trying to sell can be disastrous strategy. […]

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